Emery RSF

Epic Eastwood x Diamond Stud x Fürstenreich

Emery RSF

Emery, an amazing mover, is intelligent with a sweet and playful personality!! She’s just lovely.

Claire RSF

Claire is a talented and athletic 2014 mare who scored a 7.5 on her German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) mare test in 2017. She has a superb canter and her three offspring have so far inherited this movement. She was a premium foal and is in the main mare book for the GOV. The combination of Claire’s sire Diamond Stud with the influence of Fürstenreich from her dams side has created super movement, athleticism, and trainability for the potential to excel in dressage or eventing.

Epic Eastwood

Epic Eastwood is the only Escolar son in North America!

Sired by, the sought after stallion, Escolar (Estobar), and bred by Christine Arns- Krogmann (GER), the breeder of Total Hope OLD, Viva Gold and many others. This son of the influential mare VPS/El Große Diva (DeNiro/Sandro Hit/Rubinstein I/Grundstein) of the top Oldenburg Grosse Liebe damline. His pedigree reflects the blend and tradition of top dressage breeding, with numerous Grand Prix stallions appearing within the top and bottom of his pedigree.

He brings a truly unique much sought-after pedigree to North America that represents both rideability and talent.

His depth of pedigree reflects itself in his presence, three quality gaits, elasticity and uphill tendency.
Eastwood shows promise for top international sport!

Currently licensed GOV, Mecklenburg

He currently stands at 16.2, is EVA negative and WFFS N/N.

Photo of Epic Eastwood

Emery’s sire Epic Eastwood

Picture of Clair RSF (Diamond Stud x Furstenreich)

Emery’s Dam Claire RSF

Emery RSF
2021 GOV
Epic Eastwood Escolar Estobar NRW
Farah Dina L
Fiance Florestan I
Claire RSF Diamond Stud
Diamond Hit
Jeunesse D'or
Carielle Fürstenreich
Classic Star xx
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Pedigree for Emery RSF

Video of Emery

Photos of Emery

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