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Orion RSF (Gaudi x Roemer) KWPN studcolt for sale

Our warmblood sporthorse mares are chosen for their wonderful minds, athleticism & impeccable lineage. Their ancestors hail from Oldenburg, Hannover, Westphalia, Denmark and the Netherlands with top European stallions including Weltmeyer, Florestan, Roemer, Quaterback, Sir Donnerhall, Don Schufro, Don Carlos, Sandro Hit and Cor de la Bryère.

We have chosen our mares because of their outstanding temperament, athletic ability and ability to produce versatile offspring. Year after year, our mares produce premium foals suitable for jumping or dressage with amateur friendly temperaments.

Photo of Joie Grace (Freestyle x Cicero)

Joie Grace – 2010 Freestyle x Cicero  16.1hh (Oldenburg)

Joie Grace, is a talented and athletic mare who exceled at dressage and eventing. She has a superb and powerful canter and her offspring have all inherited her phenominal movement.  Grace was a premium foal and is in the main mare book for the German Oldenburg Verband. Her sire is Freestyle, by Florestan, and her dam, Just Rio, is by the talented Holsteiner stallion, Cicero, by Cor de la Bryere. This combination of genetics created super movement and versatility, with outstanding trainability for any sport. She has produced 8 beautiful foals, Jeselle RSF by  Wolkentanz II, Diesel RSF by Diamond Stud , Quest Joie RSF by Qredit, Julianna RSF  by Vitalis, Joie Adeline RSF  by Morricone, Magnum RSF by Maracana, Jovie Grace RSF by Sir Donnerhall and Timber RSF by Gaudi SSF.

Picture of Jeselle RSF (Wolkentanz II x Freestyle)

Jeselle RSF-2014 Wolkentanz II x Freestyle 16.1hh (Oldenburg)


Jeselle RSF  is our 2014 GOV mare who received  premium status at her  GOV mare inspection. Jeselle is an athletic mare with a gorgeous trot and canter. Jeselle has a 2018 filly by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy and 3 brilliant colts by Gaudi for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Her super pedigree has made her one of our best mares.

Jeselle is bred to Buckingham for 2024

Photo of Jordana RSF (Hesselhøj Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II)

Jordana RSF-2018 Hesselhøj Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II x Freestyle 16.1hh (Oldenburg)


Jordana RSF  is our 2018 GOV mare who received  premium status at her 2023 GOV mare inspection. Jordana is an very athletic mare with a gorgeous trot and canter. She has a 2022 filly by Gaudi that is out of this world. She is in foal to Premiere SSF for 2024.

Jordana is bred to Premiere for 2024

Photo of Windsor Rose RSF (Rascolino x Winterprinz x Furstenreich)

Windsor Rose RSF 2020 Rascolino x Winterprinz x Furstenreich (Oldenburg)


Windsor Rose RSF is our fourth generation mare out of Carielle.

Windsor Rose is bred to Fynch Hatton for 2024.

Photo of Claire RSF (Diamond Stud x Furstenreich)

Claire RSF – 2014 Diamond Stud x Fürstenreich 16.2hh (Oldenburg)

Claire RSF is our third generation mare out of Carielle. Claire scored a 7.5 for her OHBS/GOV mare inspection in 2017. Her sire Diamond Stud offers some of the most powerful Oldenburg bloodlines of today. Claire produced a premium filly (Calleigh RSF) by Hilltop Farms Qredit for 2017,  a beautiful premium filly by High Point Hanoverian’s Sinatra Song (Caravannah RSF) for 2018, for 2020 a super nice colt to Qredit (Quilliam RSF), an exceptional filly by Epic Eastwood (Emery RSF), another gorgeous premium filly by Epic Eastwood for 2022 (Cheyenne RSF) and for 2023, an exceptional chestnut colt by Galaxy Coeur.

Claire is bred to Galaxy Coeur for  2024.

Picture of Eleanor RSF (Sagnol x Esbjerg)

Eleanor RSF – 2017 Sagnol x Esbjerg (Espri) x Cicero 16.1hh  (Oldenburg)

 Born July 16th, 2017, Eleanor is our beautiful and happy broodmare suitable for any discipline. She was premium at her GOV inspection and is an athletic mover with a sweet disposition. Eleanor is people oriented and loving. She has been started under saddle. She has no flaws and is one of our favorites at the farm. Eleanor is shown here being ridden by Tristen Wigg. Eleanor’s GOV filly from 2021, Ellery RSF by Romanov, was premium at her inspection.

Picture of Sophie RSF (Sir Gregory x Roemer)

Sophie RSF – Sir Gregory x Roemer 16.1h


Born August 11th, 2017, Sophie is a gorgeous broodmare suitable for any discipline. She was foal of distinction at her GOV inspection and is an athletic mover with a sweet disposition. Sophie is people oriented and loving with a quiet mind. Sophie is shown here being ridden by Tristen Wigg. Sophie has had two foals, a stunning KWPN filly by Kjento (Rivienne RSF) and an exceptional colt by Secret (Stone RSF) who was premium elite at his 2022 GOV inspection.

Sophie is bred to either Jovian  or Le Formidable for 2024. DNA testing will tell for sure!!

Picture of Calleigh RSF (Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Calleigh RSF – Qredit x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich 16.2h (Oldenburg)


Calleigh was a premium 2018 foal at her GOV inspection and also scored premium at her 2022 GOV mare inspection. She has outstanding, big movement and is balanced moving in all three gaits. Calleigh’s 2021 colt, by Gaudi,  Ruger RSF, is quite the stunner and what a sweet guy. Calleigh’s 2022 colt by Morricone, Maverick RSF, was premium elite and site champion for his GOV inspection in 2022. Calleigh’s 2023 filly by Gaudi, Talleigh RSF, is a truly phenomenal filly, probably one of her best. All three have been sold. Her fourth foal is due in June and is by Premiere.

Calleigh is bred again to Premier for 2023.


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