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Welcome to the Rio Star Farm sales page. We are located in Central Texas, just 30 miles north of Waco Texas. Our breeding program specializes in producing warmblood foals for sale with great dispositions and trainability as well as natural talent for dressage, jumping, or eventing. In addition to being excellent athletes, our horses come ready to be loving members of your family. We usually have young stock available from in utero sales to three-year-olds started under saddle.

Because horse shopping is hard enough, we believe in posting on our website each horse’s current price along with all pertinent information about that horse. We include information on age, height, skill level, gender, as well as video and conformation shots as the horse matures/develops.  We are happy to also provide additional information to all queries.  Give us a call or email for information.  We love talking about our horses!

In addition, we have other horses available for sale that are not listed. Please see the individual pages for each horse. Also, please feel free to inquire about any of our developing horses as they may also be available for sale.

There are veterinarians available in the area for pre purchase exams (PPE) if needed, and we are happy to trailer to these local facilities if you decide to schedule a PPE. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your future partner and star!

We accept cash, certified checks, wire transfer, paypal, and also major credit cards with a 3% processing fee. Payment arrangements accepted on a case by case basis.

Prices subject to change at any time.

Photo of Timber RSF (Gaudi x Freestyle x Cicero)

Timber RSF – 2023 (Gaudi x Freestyle x Cicero)

Timber clearly inherited the finest traits from his parents and sports a lineage that ensures he will be the perfect partner in the road to your success. Whether you’re aiming for the upper levels or seeking a talented young horse to love and develop, this colt’s potential is limitless. He is the perfect combination of athleticism, personality, good looks and power.

Priced at $13,500 USD

Photo of Grayson RSF (Gorgeous Latino x Manhattan x Sonntagskind)

Grayson RSF – 2023 (Gorgeous Latino x Manhattan x Sonntagskind)


Grayson RSF is a tall, amazingly sweet colt with powerful strides and takes after his champion sire. Grayson has very good gaits with an outstanding canter. He is elegant with the a calm and happy demeanor and has an agreeable attitude.  He ia a real delight to watch! He will be dark bay and currenty is chocolate brown with white and cream hairs in his tail. He should amature 16.2-3 hands and be of medium bone.

Priced at $13,500 USD

Photo of Stone (Secret x Sir Gregory)

Stone RSF – 2022 (Secret x Sir Gregory x Roemer)


Stone is a power house colt with athleticism and gorgeous movement! Elite Foal at his GOV inspection. Perfect as an excellent upper level dressage horse with good temperament and trainability. Some discounts may apply. 

Priced at $30,000 USD

Photo of Roxanne RSF (Everdale x Sir James)

Roxanne RSF – 2021 (Everdale x Sir James)

Roxanne RSF is fabulous! She is a stunning looker and mover with suspension and excellent shoulder freedom. She also has an active and carrying hind leg. Forward and somewhat sensitive, but she is thoughtful, sane, and beautiful to look at. She has outstanding gaits and a very good disposition. Roxanne has smooth modern lines with a refined body type and will have moderate bone/height. She will likely mature to around 16.2h. Registered KWPN. Recent clean baseline radiographs of the hocks and stifles. N/N for FFS. 

Priced at $25,000 USD

Photo of Susannah RSF (Everdale X Sinatra Song X Diamond Stud)

Susannah RSF – 2022 (Everdale x Sinatra Song x Diamond Stud)

Tall, dark and gorgeous!  We are so pleased with this filly. She has a fabulous hind leg with a ton of power, beautiful gaits, a great leggy type, and a kind eye that makes her a true sweetheart. We expect her to mature to 16.3. N/N for FFS.

Priced at $18,000 USD

Photo of Storey RSF (Gaudi x Wolkentanz II x Freestyle)

Storey RSF – 2022 (Gaudi SSF x Wolkentanz II x Freestyle x Cicero)


Storey RSF is a powerful KWPN filly with amazing gaits and personality. She should make an excellent upper level dressage horse with good temperament and trainability. Clean baseline radiographs of the hocks and stifles. New video 4/6/2023.

Priced at $18,000 USD

Photo of Geralt RSF (Galaxy Coeur x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich)

Geralt RSF (Galaxy Coeur x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich)


GQ as we call him, is a super model. If ever there was a “Ken” horse, it’s GQ. He is powerful, balanced and his cat-like movement, oozes coordinated power. There is no fluff about him, he’s got the movement, brains, powerful engine, and ability to sit for upper level work.


Photo of Sassenach d' Avalon (Mannhattan x Sonntagskind)

Sassenach d’ Avalon (Mannhattan x Sonntagskind)


Sassenach d’ Avalon (“Luna”) was Foal of Distinction at her GOV inspection and is also an GOV approved mare with good scores. Luna has had one beautiful colt (Grayson RSF) and is an excellent mother. Easy keeper even when nursing. No health issues, very athletic mover and tremendous temperament. Just lovely to be around.  Ready to be started under saddle with high potential for sport in dressage, jumping or eventing disciplines.   Contact for more information.


Photo of Talleigh RSF (Gaudi x Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Talleigh RSF – 2023 (Gaudi x Qredit x Diamond Stud)


Phenomenal filly by Gaudi. This gal has power, outstanding movement, incredible balance and is always uphill and fluid. Very modern, yet with just the right amount of substance. Every stride is picture worthy. She is perfect in every way. If you are looking for a top, top prospect, she is the one.


Photo of Cheyenne RSF (Epic Eastwood x Diamond Stud)

Cheyenne RSF 2022 (Epic Eastwood x Diamond Stud)

Another beautiful filly by Epic Eastwood and Claire RSF. Cheyenne glides across the paddock with beautiful and powerful gaits. Sweet personality and very friendly and easy to handle.


Photo of Maverick RSF (Morricone x Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Maverick RSF – 2022 (Morricone x Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Tall dark (black) and very handsome! Legs, legs and more legs with the cutest little pony face. Built for upper level dressage and this one is smart and oh so elegant! Maverick was awarded Elite Foal and Foal Champion at our 2022 GOV inspection, scoring 3’s on activity, freedom of shoulders, thrust, carrying power, and balance. This boy is a super star and has a new partner!!

Congratulations to Hunter and Caitlyn!


Photo of Summer Dance RSF (Sir James x Sempatico)

Summer Dance RSF (Sir James x Sempatico)

Summer is a gorgeous bay seven-year-old (2016),who shows talent for both dressage and jumping. She was awarded premium at her GOV inspection and is an athletic mover with three georgeous gaits. Summer delivered her first foal by Gaudi in 2020 (Pride of Rio Star) and her second foal by Everdale (Roxanne RSF) in 2021. She is an outstanding broodmare. Summer has an easy and willing temperament for work and was exceptionally easy to start under saddle.


Photo of Sport RSF (Sempatico x NY Friend xx)

Sport RSF 2022 (Sempatico x NY Friend xx)

What do say about a colt that has it all. He’s got the beauty to get you noticed and the muscle to get the job done. He will be a tall one!!

Congratulations to Ellen Doughty on her purchase of Sport!!


Photo of Rule RSF (Spörcken x Roemer)

Rule RSF – 2021 (Spörcken x Roemer)


We are happy to announce that Rule is available for purchase. He is out of our KWPN mare O’Baby (Roemer x Taxateur). He is perfection and is a beautiful blend of power, elegance and balance. He is a chestnut with 3 white socks and uphill build.

Congratuations to Blaine on her purschase of Rule RSF!!


Photo of Quilliam RSF (Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Quilliam RSF – 2020 (Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Quill is the whole package!  This colt is amazingly balanced and uphill  in all gaits and is showing beautiful elasticity, balance and suspension beyond his age. Current height as of 1/22 is 16.2hh. He is muscled, athletic and carries himself  with presence. He is going to be tall when he finishes growing.  He has a great deal of raw talent.  His conformation and movement make him perfect as a future dressage star!  He is curious and friendly with people and is amatuer friendly. He seeks us out for cuddles, rubs and scratches. If you are looking for a true quality partner with huge potential, Quill is the horse for you.


Photo of Magnum RSF (Maracana x Freestyle x Cicero)

Magnum RSF – 2021 (Maracana x Freestyle x Cicero)

Magnum was born June 5th and we are very pleased to offer this colt for sale. Magnum is out of Joie Grace


Photo of Ruger RSF (Gaudi x Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Ruger – 2021 (Gaudi x Qredit x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich)

Ruger was born May 24th and we are very pleased to offer this colt for sale. Ruger is out of Calleigh RSF.


Photo of Revolver (Gaudi x Wolkentanz)

Revolver – 2021 (Gaudi x Wolkentanz II x Freestyle x Cicero)


Revolver was born May 21st and we couldn’t be happier with this cross.  Revolver is out of our premium GOV mare Jeselle RSF.

Picture of Diesel RSF (Diamond Stud x Freestyle)

Diesel RSF – 2017 (Diamond Stud X Freestyle X Cicero)


What can we say about Diesel? He has fabulous movement and has had a personality like none other from day one. Easy, easy, easy!  Diesel has a super quiet and loving personality,  perfect for an amatuer wanting to start a young horse.  In fact, he does everything that easy – a unique find in one so young. Diesel will be quite tall and likely will finish at 17+ hands (currently 17.2)   He will make the perfect amateur mount to go all the way!! 

Photo of Pride of Rio Star (Gaudi x Sir James)

Pride of Rio Star – 2020 (Gaudi x Sir James)


Pride is a supple and forward moving colt with three powerful gates and an amateur friendly personality. He has long correct limbs and will mature into a tall elegant horse.  He has solid muscling through his hind end, shoulder and a lovely neck. Pride carries himself with ease and floats with suspension in his gaits.  Making him an ideal partner for dressage. His dam, Summer RSF, comes from top dressage and jumping lines. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on this amazing colt!

Sky Dance RSF

Sky Dance RSF – 2016 (Sir Gregory X Roemer) 16.1 h


Sky displays an excellent temperament with tremendous potential for upper level dressage or eventing. He is beautifully put together and his gaits are correct, balanced, with suspension. Sky is going well undersaddle- walk, trot, canter and starting to learn all the lateral work. His gaits are very comfortable to sit.  He loves to work and is easy to train.

Phoenix of Rio Star

Phoenix of Rio Star – 2020 (Gaudi x Wolkentanz II)


Phoenix is our  stunning colt by Gaudi out of our premium GOV mare Jeselle RSF. His sweet temperament, flashy markings and his amazing gaits resulted in a quick sale. Jeselle is scheduled to be rebred to Gaudi for 2021.  Love this stallion and what he is producing. 

Orion RSF 2 1 Sales

Orion RSF – 2019 (Gaudi X Roemer)   


Orion RSF is out of our KWPN mare “O” Baby and was born April 17th.  Orion is very athletic and  friendly, with superb conformation. He is very balanced, powerful and uphill in his movement and is already demonstrating suspension in the trot and strings of  tempi changes in canter during his pasture play.  The upper level movements will be easy for this future dressage star!  His beauty and talent comes from blending his dam’s famous foundation Roemer bloodlines with Gaudi’s  modern bloodlines of  Totilas and De  Niro.

Everdance RSF Sales

Everdance RSF – 2016 (Everdale X Vindication (Seattle Slew XX) 16.3 h


Dancer is a gorgeous long-legged black beauty with the best temperament that you could ask for.  Dancer was a premium foal at his Gov inspection and shows natural lift and suspension in his gaits.  He loves people and wants to be around them.  He is very willing to learn and has just been started under saddle and is doing extremely well.  He is a very smart learner and is making excellent progress.  He will be very tall, likely at or over 17 hands. He is quite easy to handle including trailering, brushing, leading, farrier, shots and worming. Sold to Ellen Doughty-Hume.

Carielle Rio Star Farm Sales

Carielle – 2010 (Fürstenreich) 16.1 h


 Elle has excellent bloodlines and is by Fürstenreich (Florestan) out of a Thoroughbred mare tracing back to Bold Ruler. Elle is a people pleaser and has no vices. She has had no illnesses or injuries and is sound for riding. She has basic training in all four gaits and is ready to continue up the levels. As a broodmare, she takes easily with cooled semen and has always delivered her foals without any assistance or difficulties. She produces tall offspring of good bone and size. As a riding horse, she is a quick study and has gaits that are easy to sit.

20180521 DSC 1968 1 Sales

Sahara RSF – 2018 (Sagnol X Lawyer Ron xx)


Sahara is exceptionally well put together filly and will be quite tall with a big hip, correct legs, feminine head and an excellent head neck shoulder connection. She chooses to jump objects as opposed to going around them. At just over five months old, she is showing very good movement that is desired for the hunter ring or eventing. Her temperament is A+.

Quest Joie Rio Star Farm 1 Sales

Quest Joie – 2018 (Qredit x Freestyle x Cicero)


Born May 7th, Quest is our only colt of the year. He is truly a phenomenal colt with a very eye-catching exterior. He possesses a multi-talented ability and should excel in any discipline. This lovely tall colt has a naturally uphill build with gaits and natural cadence for upper level dressage. Quest is sweet and very easy to handle, perfect in every way.  Quest was sold when he was three weeks old and left the farm at just over five months. 

20170608 DSC 6576 Sales

Bontrager RSF – 2015 (Bon Balou x Cicero)


Bontrager is a tall, athletic gelding with tons of presence and balanced, high quality gaits. He has potential for both dressage, eventing and jumpers. Bontrager is registered German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) and received a premium designation at his inspection.

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