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aRio Star Farm is offering in utero warmblood breedings. We have an excellent lineup of stallions and mares. Deposit of $1000 holds your choice of foal. Live healthy foal guarantee. Generous payment plans available.

We have the following confirmed pregnancies for 2022:

Gaudi x Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II (Jordana RSF)

DiMaggio Black x Sagnol x Esberg (Eleanor RSF)

Secret x Sir Gregory x Roemer (Sophie) — Colt born May 7th. Black with two hind white socks. Available

Sir Donnerhall x Freestyle x Cicero (Joie Grace) — Filly born May 17th. Chestnut with 4 white socks and a blaze. Available

Everdale x Sinatra Song x Diamond Stud (Caravanah)

Sempatico x Friends Lake x Thunder Rumble (xx) (NY Friend)

Morricone x Qredit x Diamond Stud (Calleigh RSF) — Colt born May 20th. Black with a tiny left hind white sock. Available

Gaudi x Wolkentanz x Freestyle (Jeselle)

Eastwood x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich (Claire RSF)

Gaudi x Winterprinz x Furstenreich (Winter Willow RSF)

Jeselle RSF x Gaudi SSF

Picture of Jeselle RSF (Wolkentanz II x Freestyle)
Link to Gaudi KWPN-NA Stallion Website
2022 Foal Gaudi Totilas Gribaldi
Annabel De Niro
Jeselle RSF Wolkentanz II Weltmeyer
Joie Grace Freestyle
Just Rio
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Picture of Jeselle RSF (Wolkentanz II x Freestyle) Pedigree

Jeselle’s Foals

Picture of Jordana RSF (Hesselhøj Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II)
picture of Phoenix of Rio Star (Gaudi SSF x Wolkentanz II)
Photo of Revolver RSF (Gaudi x Wolkentanz II)

Calleigh RSF x Morricone

Picture of Calleigh RSF (Qredit x Diamond Stud)
Photo of Morricone Webpage

Calleigh RSF (Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Morricone (Millennium x Rubin Royal)

2022 Foal Morricone Millennium/Trak Easy Game
Hartima Rubin Royal
Calleigh RSF Qredit Quaterback
Dream Rubina
Clare RSF Diamond Stud
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Calleigh 2022 In Utero

Calleigh’s Foal

Photo of Ruger RSF (Gaudi x Qredit)

Sophie RSF x Secret

2022 Foal Secret Sezuan Zack
Don Romina
Seline St. Moritz
Royal Star
Sophie RSF Sir Gregory Sir Donnerhall
O' Baby Roemer
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Pedigree for Sophie RSF 2021 Foal

Eleanor RSF x Dimaggio Black

2022 Foal Dimaggio Black Dimaggio Don Primero
Feela Prince Henry
Eleanor RSF Sagnol Sandro Hit
La Belle
Extra Fancy Esbjerg
Just Rio
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Claire RSF x Eastwood

Future Star
Epic Eastwood
Escolar Estobar NRW
Farah Dina L
Fiance Florestan I
Claire RSF
Diamond Stud Diamond Hit
Jeunesse D'or
Carielle Fürstenreich
Classic Star xx
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Eastwood (Escolar x DeNiro)

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