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Rio Star Farm offers in utero warmblood breedings. We have an excellent lineup of stallions and mares. Deposit of $1000 holds your choice of foal. Live healthy foal guarantee with generous payment plans available.

2022 is a wrap. We’ll have our 2023 line-up once the mares have a 30 heart beat check.

Gaudi x Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II (Jordana RSF) — Filly born May 27th. Dark chestnut with 4 white socks and a blaze. Available

Secret x Sir Gregory x Roemer (Sophie) — Colt born May 7th. Black with two hind white socks. Available

Sir Donnerhall x Freestyle x Cicero (Joie Grace) — Filly born May 17th. Chestnut with 4 white socks and a blaze. Available

Everdale x Sinatra Song x Diamond Stud (Caravanah) — Filly born July 17th. Black with 2 front white socks and a blaze. Available

Sempatico x Friends Lake x Thunder Rumble (xx) (NY Friend) — Colt born July 14th. Black Pinto. Available

Morricone x Qredit x Diamond Stud (Calleigh RSF) — Colt born May 20th. Black with a tiny left hind white sock. Available

Gaudi x Wolkentanz x Freestyle (Jeselle) — Filly born June 15th. Chestnut with white socks and a narrow blaze. Available

Eastwood x Diamond Stud x Furstenreich (Claire RSF)– Filly born June 22nd. Bay with right hind sock.

Gaudi x Winterprinz x Furstenreich (Winter Willow RSF) — Twins born June 27th. Filly is black and the colt is a chestnut with 4 white socks and a blaze.

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