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Quality Warmbloods of Distinction

At Rio Star Farm, we pride ourselves in producing top warmblood foals for sale, mainly for the dressage and eventing disciplines. Our foals come from the meticulous mating of our mares to well-known stallions with proven bloodlines and performance records from North America and Europe with one goal in mind, you, the rider. We breed for superior temperament, behavior, three good and correct gaits, rideability, trainability and athleticism for sport.

We believe a strong foundation builds a happy and confident horse, ensuring a strong human-horse relationship. We build this relationship by daily handling and pasture time with other age appropriate foals. Ultimately we all want a strong partnership with our horses, to sustain balance and happiness and maintain confidence.

We accept all major credit cards with a 3% processing fee. Payment arrangements accepted on a case by case basis.

2019 Foals

Julianna RSF

 (Vitalis x Freestyle)

Orion RSF

 (Gaudi x Roemer)

2018 Foals

Quest Joie

(Qredit x Freestyle)

Jordana RSF

 (Donkey Boy x Wolkentanz II)

Cara Mia RSF

(Sir Gregory x Fürstenreich)

Caravanah RSF

(Sinatra Song x Diamond Stud)

Georgia RSF

(Sagnol x Gold Luck)

Sahara RSF

(Sagnol x Lawyer Ron xx)

2017 Foals

Diesel RSF

(Diamond Stud x Freestyle)

Calleigh RSF

(Qredit x Diamond Stud)

Sophie RSF

(Sir Gregory x Römer)

Eleanor RSF

(Sagnol x Esbjerg)

2016 Foals

Everdance RSF

(Everdale x Vindication)

Summer Dance RSF

(Sir James x Sempatico)

Sky Dance RSF

(Sir Gregory x Römer)

Winter Willow RSF

(Winterprinz x Fürstenreich)

2015 Foals

Bontrager RSF

(Bon Balou x Cicero)

Steel RSF

(Sir Gregory x Fürstenreich)

Ducati RSF

(Don Principe x Vindication xx)

2014 Foals

Daxton RSF

(Diamond Stud x Cicero)

Cara Lynn RSF

(Sir James x Sempatico)

Jeselle RSF

(Wolkentanz II x Freestyle)

Claire RSF

(Diamond Stud x Fürstenreich)

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