Magnum RSF

Maracaná x Freestyle x Cicero

Magnum RSF

Magnum RSF is exceptionally balanced in all three gaits, all of the time. As an added bonus, he is very friendly!

Joie Grace aka Grace

His dam, Joie Grace, is a talented and athletic mare who excels at dressage and eventing. She has a superb canter and her offspring have so far inherited this movement. She was a premium foal and is in the main mare book for the German Oldenburg Verband. Her sire is Freestyle, by Florestan, while her dam, Just Rio, is by the talented Holsteiner stallion Cicero, by Cor de la Bryere. This combination has created super movement, athleticism, and trainability for the potential to excel in dressage or eventing.


Winner of the 2021 Bundeschampionat Qualifier!

Maracana is truly a dream in black. Maracaná impressed at his stallion licensing in 2017 and one simply can not look past the ease of movement he possesses. Excellent mechanics combined with a spectacular impression, as well as, very active hindquarters and an unshakeable rhythm make the precision of his movement rarely seen. A natural elasticity and cadence let his movements swing easily through the body.

Maracaná is already very balanced  in his youthful age. At his licensing in 2017, the continuity of this spectacular movement fascinated spectators in all his performances. Maracaná shone with extraordinary radiance. He fetched the outstanding price of 700,000 euros at auction.  Maracaná impresses with an outstanding basic gait, an almost perfect trot, a quality step and a scopey gallop. This intelligent and extremely productive black horse has a fantastic character and rideability.

Photo of Maracana

Magnum’s sire Maracaná.

Photo of Joie Grace

Magnum’s Dam Joie Grace.

Magnum RSF
2021 GOV
Maracana Millennium Easy Game
Lorime P Lord Loxley I
Lana P
Joie Grace Freestyle
Florestan I
Just Rio Cicero
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